The Team




Lotus Seven Club Management Team

If you would like some help or would like to discuss any suggestions or issues you might have; please feel free to contact the relevant team member below.

Management Team Officers





Christine Abbott

[email protected]

General Secretary,

Health & Safety Officer

Terence McCarthy
Company SecretaryTerence McCarthy
Regional Co-ordinator MidlandsMarcus Adams
Competition SecretaryChris Bramall
07720 405931
Members’ Benefits Coordinator and Advertising Manager

Geoff Brown

[email protected]

01793 876465

Communications Manager

Michael Calvert

[email protected]

IT Support

Shaun Elwell

[email protected]

Regalia Manager

Stephen Hubbard

[email protected]

Competition Deputy

Robert Jacobs

[email protected]

Regional Co-ordinator South

Mark Lawrence

[email protected]

Track day Coordinator

Simon Maitland

[email protected]


Martin Phipps 

[email protected]

Regional Co-ordinator North

Paul Richards

[email protected]


Dave Rothwell

[email protected]

Regional Co-ordinator West

Mike Scott

[email protected]

Admin & Support Team Members  

Charity Co-ordinator



Email support


Tim Pollard[email protected]

Event Support Vehicle Manager


Lawrence Walters[email protected]

Lowflying Editor


Michael Calvert[email protected]

Membership Secretary


Sam Pearce[email protected]

Social Media Management


Tom Slatter[email protected]


If you have a general question that you'd like answering, send it to [email protected]