Some of our members at Reims en route (that is yer actual French) to Italy in 2013.

Gloucestershire is one of England’s larger counties, bordering Wales and the River Severn in the West and running from just North of Bristol in the South to the Cotswold towns of Moreton-in-Marsh in the North and Cirencester in the East. In between are some great roads, Prescott hillclimb course (near Cheltenham) and Caterham specialists Millwood, just outside Dursley, and run by the ever-helpful Jon Vicker.

Until recently, the Glos 7’s folk met at The Bathurst Arms GL7 7BZ ( on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7.30pm. Good pub but, post Covid-19, we are reviewing our regular meets and one option is to instead have a weekly short (40 minutes) Zoom meeting, plus regular (but not necessarily fixed date) trips out. What do you think? Do let me know and also if you want to join our Sunday morning (11am) Zoom meetings now.

As an area, we have been a pretty active bunch as can be seen from the Events page of the website, enjoying various outings far and wide, as well as a series of blats and away trips throughout the blatting season. We have a series of prepared blatting routes which we'll be posting on our blog pages, and have had impromptu blats through the Cotswolds and Wales. We welcome partners at all our events (and no, they don't have to know which end of a camshaft is which) and many have attended our monthly meet too. Much as we love our 7s, we also recognise that life is more than that too.Even on our blats we recognise that you may want to bring another car - all are weldcome and indeed some of our regulars are ex-woners or between 7s.

Competition-wise we've tended to favour sprints with Andy Couchman being a class winner at the Brighton Speed Trials with his trusty 1988 crossflow engined car. We also have an increasing number of trackday drivers with trips to UK and Continental circuits.

We aim to be a friendly bunch and welcome new members so say hello and join us. Any queries, please email [email protected] 

Andy Couchman AR - 01451 821982



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When and where we meet

No current monthly meet but we're keeping that under review. We do have a Sunday morning 11am Zoom meet - let Andy know if you'd like to join us on that.

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