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Caterham Club South Wales

The Taffia

We're never sure where our area is as South Wales is rather a large area covering 17,000 square miles!! Having said that we do extend from Chepstow in the South West to St David’s (The smallest city in the UK) some 140 miles west & up as far as Aberystwyth about 120 miles away.  We do get a couple of regulars to our meeting from Tregaron and several honorary sheep members sometimes meet us up in the mountains. smiley

At the moment we do not have a base as the Steels Horse is being sold as a private residence. We will be searching for a new meeting place as soon as Covid restrictions allow.

That’s the formal bit, now for the interesting bits. We often get together for impromptu Blats round some of the best roads in the UK and generally have a pre meeting blat (weather permitting) taking it in turns to select the route – generally 60 miles or so.

As an area we’re an active but laid back friendly mob & attract members from Bristol, after all we’re only 20 miles apart over the 7even Bridge.  All members chip in to help organise all sorts of things – trackdays, The Ring, days out to motoring events, I could go on, the list is endless. As anyone who has been on one of our Big Blats or our infamous Fish & Chip Run will testify, we know how to get pleasure from our cars and share our deserted roads & magnificent scenery with other club members. 

We’re a generous lot too, welcome new members with a smile, give advice & assistance when needed, but it’s not just about men & machines; wives, girlfriends, partners all join in as well.

Some of the older members (and those with flexible work patterns) also meet for breakfast  (and in the summer often manage a short blat afterwards). Recently we've even begun organising 'Walking Blats' to help some of our members to both 'add lightness' and take in some of the magnificent local scenery!

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The Area Rep is:
Alan Morgan

[email protected]

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