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The Joy of Six.

Thursday 10th September. For yesterday evening's meeting I changed the format a bit to facilitate an early evening blat for six people. We started at the Falcon soon after 6pm and finished about an hour later on the Burton Dassett Hills just before sunset. Next month will probably not give us enough daylight to repeat the experience with a different route, so I am looking for ideas. Maybe we need to meet lunchtimes through the autumn and winter? 

The ever changing Covid situation and the associated rules do not make for easy planning. Last night it was not possible for the three of us who returned to the Falcon (all from different households) to dine together inside. From Monday, any six people can be together outside or inside. That may be an opportunity.  As we are typically a dozen or so, maybe we can pre-book two tables each for six people? who will then have to stay within their designated / chosen group?  Food for thought. I'll check with the Falcon.

Participation in anything we organise will, for the time being, be strictly limited to those who pre-book by messaging the organiser with your name(s) contact details and (for any blat) your car registration number. These details are essential in order to regulate numbers, stay legal and facilitate contact tracing if required. 

I would appreciate some feedback as to what you would like to do and feel happy doing in the present situation.

Happy sevening!



Area Representative: Philip Ambrose    
Tel: 01608-810269 / 07971-057531

e-mail  [email protected]

When and where we meet

Usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7pm at The Falcon, Warmington, OX17 1JJ but NOT during the current COVID-19 emergency see above. Please check here / Blatchat for changes.

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