graemesmith 29th Mar 2017 - 18:46

It moves under it's own power!  Minor coolant leak, handbrake cable needs P-clip moving (again) and the speedo doesn't register anything.  Apart from that it's just the boot cover and mirrors and I can PBC and IVA it.

rockinroyston 27th Mar 2017 - 12:24

& there it was gone... lots of cheery tales about how rare it is for an amateur build to pass the IVA test first time... great! My tracking was so 'all over the place' it didn't really want to go up the ramp LOL! Glad he had a winch...

graemesmith 21st Mar 2017 - 15:44

Spent most of last week tidying up wiring and hoses so it looks neat enough.  Fairly pleased so far.  I managed to get the Diff in on my own by removing the wooden boot panel and lifting it by some straps onto a couple of axle stands.  I tried putting it on a jack but it wasn't high enough.  The

OliverSedlacek 18th Mar 2017 - 17:34

I realised yesterday that I hadn't yet posted up the dyno curves from my mapping session, so here they are! The wide power band is probably the best bonus.

rockinroyston 18th Mar 2017 - 16:41

So that's it finished! Went around all the IVA stuff & did a few last minute jobs like screwing in the interior side panels & then washed it lol...

So last post for a while! to do:

Car picked up 27th March by Caterham for PBC & 310 upgrade