99% finished

Great day today!

Finished off the headlight wiring & everything worked first time! for some reason the headlight keeps popping out of its clips on one side every time I touch it. I've re inserted them about 6 times now & given up... Caterham can sort that one...

Put on the nose cone, struggled to get the last clip in but got there in the end

Put on the bonnet & it looks great. Did notice the air intake doesn't line up with the holes at all well so I'm going to have to re drill the holes in the airbox. Its far too far forward basically. Bit annoying!

Took the car down off its lofty perch & as with everyone who does this was still surprised how low it is! looks fab tho :-) Only issue that is now apparent is that I've put the exhaust bracket on the wrong way around & the exhaust is noticeably too low... not really apparent when its miles in the air!

UPDATE: its completely wrong LOL, thanks Jerry & Andrew for highlighting... on the list to rectify! Been in Manchester for meetings all day so hopefully I'll sneak an hour or two in the garage tomorrow once I've cleared my e-mails :-(

Still a few minor jobs, mirrors, wipers, doors & roof (I'll do these after the IVA) & an IVA cover whip around... all easy!  

So called it a day & tidied the garage for a few guests we have around tonight, out with the champagne is in order!

& of course the influence of youth...