Australian 1985 Caterham With TwinCam Lotus

A quick intro, what does au-yt stand for, its critic, Whitey "yt" is my nick name and hey you,"au" is a classic Aussie term even if it's a bit non PC. And au is the Internet reference to Australia.. OK your bored now ..

Back to why I decided to get a 7, loved these for years and now I'm retired and have far to much time on my hands and can now spend more time with grown up toys. When I moved from Sydney I met two guys with brand new Morgan's and I thought it's about time I got a 7 to chase them around the local roads.

I also wanted a basic car no computers barking Webers, and 30 years old, for cheap local rego.

After a few phone calls I put a wanted add in the local Lotus club mag for a  S2 S3 7 needing TLC. Bingo 

I got a call from a guy who, sadly was clearing his estate due to terminal cancer and wanted his 1985 Caterham 7 to go to a good home. I bought an Elan Sprint from another terminally ill person only 4 years before, scary.

Enough of that history, the car is a Australian kit built long cockpit car, originally with a 1600 push Rod , replaced in 92 by an Elan plus 2 motor, and a late Twin Cam head. Due to the guys illness it has been sitting for a while and when he started it I suspect has a broken ring gland ( leaking head gasket maybe), as it is running but there is a Gail from the cam cover. The rest of the car is in quite reasonable condition. And only has a reasonably history file, nice for 32year old Caterham.

I collected the car parked it at home and am now on holidays in Norway..and am having my garage extended so I have some decent toy room, after all there was never a garage built big enough.

The picture isnt that great but I will start with just one.