Back on the road

So why did it take so long?
Well, from the Accralite website:- "As from the 5th December 2009 Accralite Pistons became a part of Omega Pistons Ltd." Quite why the consequence fo this was that they ran out of stock of +90thou pistons for Crossflows. Now I realise that there are 11 different versions of Accralite forged pistons for Crossflows with bore sizes from 82.5mm to 86mm, with different heights. I am also aware that the number of Crossflows running is deceasing but it was extremely frustrating and became genuinely annoying when my Caterham 21 was the victim of an accident on the M4 in late March.

On the positive side, it is so wonderful to be back in the car again. I was worried that 19 months of not driving it might affect my attitude to it and my insticnts when at the wheel. I should not have worried; it felt wonderful and utterly natural as I drove home. There is a rev limiter on the engine now, set low to preserve the engine whilst I re-run it in.

I also had a reccomendation that I find a bigger exhaust. Changing the 1½" primaries for 1¾" ones, preferably of equal length and the present 4>2>1 collector for a 4>1 one. So I hope to find a s/h one but suspect it is a long shot. Caterham want over £800 for the "Crossflow Competition Exhaust"; this being exactly what is neded.

Must take the car out again...