Bedford track day

With my wife away visiting her mum in france, i had a weekend free, a bank holiday weekend nontheless. so there was only one thing for it..... book another track day.

i plumped on Bedford, as although there wasn't much choice its an epic circuit at 3.8 miles long, and really rewarding once you've learnt it enough to start attacking the corners.

i headed up from Kent on sunday and stayed at the Sharnbrook hotel, a few miles down the road. i invited my brother along to share the day and kept my fingers crossed for a dry day having got caught in a couple of heavy downpours on the way up.

on the day there was quite a mix of exotica. 6 or 7 caterhams, porsche 911's or various guises, a smattering of racing clio's, elises and a ktm crossbow to name a few. the driving standards were very good, even the M2 and M4 drivers backing off on the straight to let me through.

all in all a cracking day, and although the track is pretty flat, the sheer size and number of corners make it a great venue. its also one of the safest tracks due to the huge run-off's.

ive posted a couple of vids, one of me (white gloves) and one of my brother (blue gloves)

Bedford Autodrome
Bedford Autodrome my brother at the wheel