Bike Rack!

Since taking up Mountain Biking with a group of local fellow-Seveners, we had the dilemma of taking the 7 on a trip, OR the bikes.

Not any more! Look away purists…



Just in time for the cold, dark winter – I have finally got round to rigging a set-up that allows us to take the bikes on the 7 and so enjoy the best of both worlds.

I had originally intended to design and make my own rack, using various components sourced from rack manufacturers, but a ‘eureka’ moment in the car park led me to try the existing model that I had been using for 2 years on the top of our tin-top. If I could use this, I would have a tried and tested method for securing the bikes.


 My Enduro is actually quite a big, long MTB, but fits perfectly.


Sure enough, it all fits surprisingly easily! The clamps are just about big enough to clamp onto the FIA Bar, there is clearance all round so that one can still open the boot, and everything is very solid. I just need to tweak a little bit of the rubber grip to enable a slightly better fit on the round tubing, but apart from that – it is ready to go! I have used a strap on the top bar for testing purposes, just in case – but local drives show that nothing shifts.


 Fitting support bike perfectly.

I shall work on this fixing to make it fit a little better, but it is secure.

 Still have access to the boot, and I think a half-hood could fit if required.

With 2 bikes on the rack, everything is even more solid, as fixing the bikes together using a bracing bar stops any sideways wobble.



 Bracing two bikes together makes things even more solid.


The rig is just about low enough to fit in our garage like this, so it also solves bike storage.

The type of rack I am using also comes with locks, so the bikes are locked to the rack, the bike rack components are locked to the roof bars, and the roof bars are locked to the car!



Yes, ok – it all looks a bit odd, but it now means that we will start using the 7 a little bit more, as we can take the bikes with us down to parents on the Quantocks, and enjoy the good riding, and the good driving. Hopefully we will get down to the Alps again, but this time we can take the 7 with us to enjoy the great roads.


Even better – with standard roof-rack fittings retained, there is the option of adding a ‘roof box’ for those longer trips!



What make are the roof bars Angus, and how adjustable are the clamps that attach to the FIA bar?
Roof bars are Atera (or similar) - similar to Thule. Clamps are pretty adjustable - they would clamp onto a smaller radius non-FIA bar. But I want to tweak ths aspect - a subtle trim of the rubber pad in the clamps would get them to fit better and more in progress!
Thanks, that's exactly what I needed!
Looks good Angus. Cant decide whether to try this or try and get one of those hatchback bike carriers to go on the FIA bar but your solution looks great/
Those hatchback type carriers would be a bit wobbly on the FIA bar I think Alex, but this system seems very very solid. Could be that there is a Thule clamp that fits the roll bar even better...
I'd been considering this for a while and was about to manipulate my tyre rack to turn it into a bike rack too - maybe I don't need to! Great idea.