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If you’re ever looking to put together your own Caterham from a kit, there’s no better place to start than the array of blogs available from numerous other Seven enthusiasts. Many of the following certainly provided a great source of inspiration before, during and after my own build.

I don’t claim this list to be comprehensive and would apologise in advance to anyone out there I may have missed – let me know and I’ll add you on. Equally, if you're included but would rather not be, please let me know.

Big thanks to Jonathan Kay and John "Purplemeanie" for encouraging the post.

Caterham 420 Detailed Build Blog  by Chris Collins (2019/20), 420R S3 “An alternative Caterham 420R build manual”

Caterham 310R SV Build Blog by Ben (2019/20), 310R SV - very well put together and I would recommend to anyone looking to build their own car.

Caterham 310S by Richard Palmer (2019), 310S S3

Cat 310S by David White (me!) (2019), 310S SV

Caterham 7 Diaries by Mark “CtrMint” (2018/19), 420R S3 - a great resource and currently home to the "Eccles" mirror mount 3D print files

Caterham 310R SV Build  (2017/19), 310R SV

A Caterham Seven Build Blog by John Martin “Purplemeanie” (2017), 420R SV - excellent detail and a great read.

Caterham 7 420 R Build Blog by Martin Gosling (2016/17), 420R S3

Caterham 360 Build by Rob Jones (2016/17), 360R SV

420R SV Build Diary by Marcus Adams (2016), 420R SV - great detail and highly informative.

Caterham Superlight Twenty Build Blog by Nigel Pugh (2016), 270R SV

Caterham 7 360R SV Build Blog by Kevin Briggs (2015/16), 360R SV

Father and Son 420R SV Build Blog by Simon and Jeremy Roberts (2015/16), 420R SV

Team Ivans Caterham Build Project (2014/15), Roadsport 140 SV

R500 Build and Ownership Blog by Daniel French (2014), R500 S3. Daniel’s blog includes the excellent and well referenced directions for wiring the headlights. The original build dates to 2014 although the blog has since been developed to follow Daniel’s racing career.

BOTB Caterham Supersport R Build Diary by BOTB team (2014)

Caterham 7 Build, Roadsport 175 SV by Andrew Bissell (2014)

Caterham Supersport R by Dominic Gregory (2013/14)

Caterham Supersport R Build Diary by Tom Wood (2013)


Great idea Thumb Up

Superb resource...

I referred to Tom Wood's when I build my 7 (and another variation on a theme on facebook)...  think he built his a month or two earlier.

To have so much more info would've been great; would've made Derek at Caterham's life easier too!

I've now added this to the guides section under "Getting Started"

Thanks Shaun


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