Blog in December Lowflying 2014

It’s just starting to sink in that Christmas is nearly upon us! We are busy in the office processing the 25% of memberships that are due for renewal on 1st January. We write to members around a month and a half before the renewal date to advise of the membership fee and ask for payment. As you may already know, the club are holding the membership fees again next year and so a 12 month membership is still available for under £50!

I think the membership is great value for money with club events like track days, blats, static displays at car shows, the ‘International’ and the speed championship as well as this well produced and interesting monthly magazine, an array of member exclusive deals and discounts, local monthly meetings and most recently a new website with club forum. I am enjoying finding my way around the new site, uploading photos and blogs, adding content to the web pages and we have seen a very healthy number of new members joining of late. Considering most of our members find us online, the website is a vital tool for recruiting new members and it seems to be working.

I recently attended the yearly AR meeting in Thame on 22nd November. As always, the meeting was lively with over 50 people attending to include the Management Team and Area Representatives. It is a great opportunity to meet the new ARs and continue to build relationships with the long standing ones. The level of commitment and enthusiasm from the volunteers of the club always brings a smile to my face. There is no doubt that the club members reflect the personality of the Seven well – motivated, strong characters and a lot of fun!

Please note, the office will be closed from mid-day Christmas Eve and re-open on 2nd January 2015 so please organise your renewal in plenty of time if you are due to renew on 1st January. Don’t worry too much if you forget as you will soon get a call form one of the ladies here to give you a nudge ;)

All of us at Pink Angels Office Services wish you a very happy Christmas and a Seventastic New Year!