Blog in November Lowflying 2014

It has been a very busy month in the office. The launch of the new website has created an influx of contact from members and it has been an exciting time learning all the aspects and mass of functionality of the new site. As the club grows, the new website will grow with it and I believe that the new site is a great window into club life and hopefully will increase new membership uptake. The forum has always been lively but the majority of new members came via the main club site which was unfortunately underused. Now the sites have been combined into one lively site, I think it gives a better reflection of how lively and diverse the club members are and shows how diverse the club is. After all there are many aspects to the club and I think each member gets a different experience out of the club to suit their requirements.

My favourite aspects are the track days, blats and static displays at car shows. We recently went the Autumn Classic (dubbed the mini Silverstone Classic) held at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire. It was a beautiful day and we started off looking around the static displays. There was a large variety of classic cars and the Historic Lotus Register had a fairly big presence. I adore the classic cars and bikes, they have such character and once we have had our fill of the displays we went on the side of the hill to watch the classic racing. The noise was immense and it was great fun watching a number of spin offs, amazingly with no contact! As we headed back towards the other end of the track we noticed spectators were able to go on the track to view the one seater cars ready and waiting to race. We mingled amongst the cars and I managed to get a great photo of the car and the track looming ahead. I can only imagine the tension and excitement of waiting to race! We wandered up to the other end of the circuit and sat down to watch the last few races. On one of the final laps one of the car’s rear wheels came spectacularly flying off, our 3 year old daughter Hazel thought it was hilarious! Everyone was ok and we had a fantastic day.

I have recently attended a Management Team meeting in Thame. There was an awful lot to discuss and 20 people present including some club members. The meeting was productive and went well. I always enjoy seeing everyone and no doubt some of the news from the meeting will be shared in Lowflying in due course. The next event for me is the Annual Area Representative meeting on 22nd November on Thame. It is always a lively event with around 60 ARs present. It can be a little difficult to minute due to the number of people present but I thoroughly enjoy it and meeting the current ARs.