Bucket list.

Greetings to you all. A touch late posting been a member for the last 3 months. My S3 Super sport is my bucket list car. 72 going on 35. Been lucky with my passion 2 lotus7s 2 lotus elan's 1/130 2 elites an 1 exige. Much respect to you all for all the knowledge you have on 7s. Not wishing to bore you all,have a tale to tell on the day i meet Collin Chapman. Will post if interested. Safe driving all.


Greetings Stuart - welcome to the fold sir Thumb Up

Some rather lovely and exciting cars you have owned there... spill the beans on Blatchat about the meeting with Mr Chapman? Spunds like a great story...


Dave Ardley 'King Clams of Clam HillWoohoo
Supersprint, Clams, LHD, Red Leather, Brooklands Thumbup

Hi. Trust your well? Low flying will be spilling the beans.


Black Super sport  with clams. Thinking abut Brooklands.



Stuart Robertson