Build Day 7 - Engine bay

Bit of an odds-and-ends day today, starting with unboxing a newly-delivered trolley jack: now I'll actually be able to get the car off its stands when the time comes!

Work on the car included:
- fitting clutch hose and accelerator cable
- finishing the steering column
- rotating the heater face to the correct orientation
- more cooling hoses (still need to split the J hose for the temperature sensor and fit a new 5/16" hose between cylinder head and expansion bottle due to having the bottle in the wrong orientation to begin with)
- fitting the air intake/filter/trunking assembly

Bit of a break for a few days now, I have to go back to uni to give a presentation and then I'm finished there until graduation! And then going over to Manchester for the soccer aid on Sunday, so it'll be next week before I'm back in the garage.