Buying used from Caterham experience?

Hello all,

Looking to buy my first Caterham from their used stock.

More to the point is there any point negotiating on price as with other car dealerships, not dealt with them before.

No harm trying obviously but any experiences/ good advice would be appreciated.





Steve, I bought mine from CC 4 years ago but didn't haggle because I thought it was a reasonable price when looking at other dealer cars and bearing mind there would be a slight premium because it was the manufacturer and it was part of their Selected range with various benefits. I had 2 issues within a couple of months both of which were resolved without query (new windscreen and battery) so from my perspective I have been very pleased with them. Good luck with whatever you get.

Hi Steve, I bought a 310S from Caterham Gatwick within the past month. I asked if they would help on price, said didn't reduce prices. However, they did agree to add a twin pinstripe decal along the bonnet and paint the 7 in the grill. So made me feel a little better!  Good luck.