Caterham Finally Purchased

So after many months studying and trawling eBay, Piston Heads and Autotrader I've finally took the plunge and bought my first Caterham.

With such a vast range of specs and versions available it took some time to work out what I wanted.  I was really drawn to some really clean examples with fantastic specs but really wanted something I could work on and improve... a winter project.

The best piece of advise I was given through the process was "you need to decide whether its going to be a road or a track car".  With a Boxster in the garage for long road-trips I needed a car I could enjoy on the track and that helped focus my search.

Shortly after I was talking to Barry White who told me his Super would be up for sale after Silverstone as he was upgrading to the SigMax class.  I joined Barry at Silverstone to see the car and watch it's last race before closing the deal.  Not a tough decision.

2 weeks later the car is delivered and I'm now starting to make plans for the next chapter in its life.  I'm going to resist the upgrade urge and make the most of the current spec protecting the MSA seals for now.  Job one is to get the car through the MOT and get it on the road for November for my first Blatting experience before taking it off the road for winter fettling.

I look forward to making some new fiends through the club along the way...




Hi Andrew,

Keep up the good work, you are starting from a well maintained car, judging by the pictures. I did a last test day on the track with "Blue Lena" last Saturday afternoon, very cold but dry.

The Belgian beer will be cold with these temperatures when I get to Birmingham tomorrow evening. See you Tuesday evening.