Crankshaft pulley - stripped thread?

I recently did a cam belt change on my K series and when I went to tighten the crankshaft pulley bolt it did not tighten properly. I torqued it in stages as I am always cautious in tightening bolts and started at 80Nm, iit clicked so altered the setting to 100Nm but the bolt continued to move for another 1/4 turn with limited resistance. Took out bolt, which seemed OK, but I couldn't see inside the crank to check the state of the threads. Re torqued to 80 and left it (should be 205Nm i yhink). Is it possible to strip such a large thread in steel or am I missing something. Is it safe to run the car with the pulley torqued up at just 80Nm?


Suggest you put this question in Tech Talk. Much more likely to get answers.

BECs Rule !

Thanks, will do.