cyclewing repeaters/indicators

has anyone experienced or can help explain why both my cycle wing repeaters/indicators have failed at the same time? I'm getting 12v and there's a circuit there but both sides are now , when switched on just emitting the smallest pin-pricks of light. if only one had failed then I could understand....


Yes, I had this on one side. Although I had 12V, the earth connection via the wingstay was poor. If you place a wire between bare metal on the wingstay and the main chassis (perhaps the headlamp shell), and the indicator now works, then you have the same problem.

I solved it by running a copper earth wire alongside the 12V cable to the flasher.


Simon thanks for the reply, did you have the LEDs flashing very weakly, or did they pack up completely?


Same as you, flashing weakly, but strong flashing once Earth connection made.

Bingo!  thanks Simon you're right, Thanks for your help.

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