The diff is out, the Apollo is in!

I started Monday night by trying out the new fancy Ramair filter that had arrived in the post. Initial impressions were that it's big! The foam looks to be finer than the Pipercross version, and it seems to be well constructed. After trying it on the car, though, it was apparent that it would not fit straight on the throttle body - not only did it foul one of the connectors, it also sits too high to go under the bonnet. Darn it.

As such, I have ordered an elbow, bracket and connector to relocate it a little further away and lower down. I hope that works... We shall see. Perhaps one day I'll make that airbox that sits in the place of the heater.

Ian then popped over to lend a hand and help speed things up. We started by tackling the Apollo tank. As I was fitting a second hand unit from an imperial car in to a metric car, a few things were different - starting with the location of the tank itself! We tried to see if we could squeeze the hoses around the alternator to avoid the alternator belt replacement nightmare, but it wasn't to be, and I wasn't comfortable running them under the car - just in case. So through the belt it was, and lots of brute force and ignorance got it all in to place. Sounds a lot easier than it was... Because of the tank's new location, the header tank has to move. I'll put a strip of steel on the right side of the chassis to bolt the carrier to, it should sneak under the nosecone ok. I also need to get a longer hose to go from the tank to the cam cover - an ideal excuse to get that one way valve.

Next up was diff removal. It actually came without much of a fight, although it required a little jiggery pokery to extract! It is now in a box waiting to be taken to Phil at Road and Race Transmissions. All very exciting!