Early Retirement

Hi all

Having spent the whole my working life in the construction industry I am contemplating early retirement. I am currently working as a Freelance Quantity Surveyor specializing in Groundworks estimating and contract valuations. The wife & I plan to live off our savings and some rental income. I am only 56 years old, but I have I had just about enough of the construction industry. I would like to hear the thoughts of members who have retired early and what they actually do with all their free time.

Many  thanks



Hi John (56)

I will watch this blog closely as I too have had enough of the construction industry, and early retirement will be earlier than I originally planned!

I will not be setting out my lengthy bucket list here, but as a pre-start retirement plan I recently become an L7 area representative, so how about thinking along those lines.

.........or get a copy of 'Granite and Marble', and plan a route to visit the history of motor racing greats. (ok , so shared one off my list)

Darren (53 and 3/4)

Looking forward to seeing that route map.*driving*

Well I’ve done it. Finished on Friday and looking forward to a stress free life. 

Thanks for all the advice