Engine out...

Engine out time! With the substantial help from BIO, Mad Hatter and my friend Ben, the Crossflow came out of GJT yesterday (Saturday 23 January). I had removed most of the ancillaries in advance, drained the oil and coolant and poured a lot of Plus Gas over those bolts which didn't move first time! (It does make a difference).
You could say it didn't take long - from about 10:30 we worked until the engine was detatched and gearbox oil draining out of the back of the box as everything hung on the Mad Hatter's engine crane at about 14:30, when we had lunch. It was a bit of a struggle to separate the propshaft from the back of the box and I did cut off the bolts holding the back of the 'box to the plate on the underside of the transmission tunnel.
On Friday (or it may be Saturday) I will take the engine over to Rob Morely at Ratrace/Protune [url]http://www.pro-tune.com/ford.htm[/url] who is a great fan of the Crossflow and has looked after GJT for a long while. He will doing a refresh and putting in forged pistons; I will talk to him about other work but I think (and hope) that that is all that is required.
Whilst the engine is out, I need to do a lot of cleaning, derusting and painting in the engine bay. Those more-than 91,000 miles in all weathers and the fact that it lived on the roadside for six years in Clapham have taken their toll on the front end. Remember also that it is a late '95 chassis (for the '96 Academy) , so is of the "terrible powder-coating" era.

Aside from cosmetics, the other work which I know needs doing to GJT to put it into fine fettle is to replace half-shaft/hub and I have a spare Ital axle ready and waiting to use for spares.