First drive!

Picked up the car from Caterham which was a bit of a low tech 'here are the keys & see you later' affair. Car sounded great! and everything seemed to be in order! so set off in bright sun shine but then hit the M25 & the clouds & rain soon appeared. It has to be said driving a Caterham with zero miles on the clock in the rain with no doors or roof  (on the M25) is not the best way to spend your first few hrs with a new toy! The wind & road noise above 70mph was just ridiculous so had to play with the trucks & random drivers in the inside lane which is not my normal road position... felt very vulnerable, cold & wet... not a great start but managed to get home in one piece. After a thaw out & some food (& the sun came out) I took the boys out for a spin around some of the nice local driving roads which was much more fun! I also found my ear plugs & put a coat on... altogether more pleasant & the heater works well! Also took the project manager for a spin & she lasted a mile before she wanted to drive... & did well!

So quick summation... loving it! but I wll be selecting 'avoid motorways' on the sat nav. Due to a local 'do' on Saturday night my plans for a drive on Sunday were canceled... probably for the best. Unfortunately my work is mentally busy at the moment & I'm going away for 2 months next week so will leave the car in the project managers hands... Looking on the bright side at least I have a week of driving before I go which wasn't necessarily going to be the case. Not going to get a chance to do the doors & roof yet & so far I haven't even taken the bonnet off to look at the new pipe work & wiring... on the list... I don't think I am man & machine in perfect harmony as yet & its going to take a while to get used to it, I can also see my ex biker 'defensive driving skills' will need to be re learnt...

p.s. the wing mirrors are rubbish on the motorway... but amazingly the windscreen wipers were surprisingly effective... I had intended to get the go pro sorted for the first drive but ran out of time. I'll get it sorted for a drive in the sunshine on nice roads! never been a fan of the M25... even less of a fan now...


Well done, mate. Great to see her on the road!

Well happy, at least I had the car for a week before I had to go away for 2 months :-(  and pity it rained virtually everyday! I've left it with the 'project manager' to look after..... fingers crossed! still haven't put the roof or doors on yet & I still need to put get few miles under my belt to get used to it but its great to drive (pity about the driver at the moment tho lol). Reversing is interesting & not as much lock as I had expected, certainly seems less than both the tin tops. Haven't got into the garage in one go yet (its straight off the main road & no drive) which is a bit embarrassing.