First dry track day - March 2017

Silverstone Grand Prix circuit 27th March 2017. Foggy start delayed access to the track but once we got out it was a dream to drive the GP circuit. The last time I was here was over 20 years ago and then only the national circuit (North). The day was split into three sessions of 20 minutes each hour. There were three clubs  accommodated, led by the the MG club and including our glorious club and Lotus on Track. I believe the 20 minutes each hour was a good format and allowed time for the car to cool, the driver to think and chatting with colleagues in the garage. 

Lessons learned for me included;

Confidence - It took a while to really push in the fast corners after straights. These included Copse, nearly flat with an excellent run off, Maggotts, with interesting direction change while slowing, Stowe, depends on your gearing, Abbey and Farm, flow really nicely to the braking at Village. Even Brooklands has a fast entry but needs care as there are multiple direction changes immediately afterwards.

Gearing - I have a 6 speed, 3.92 diff and 13 inch wheels so topped out on Hanger (120 ish). With only a 1.8 K SS to push me I caught, but could not pass, faster cars who signaled over on the straights. It didn't help to get some laps with Simon Lambert in the 620R (now that is the power I need). He was braking well before me as he had achieved massively more speed on the straights.   

Overall it was a very well organised event and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it even if I did miss out on getting some tuition!

Bring on the next one!