Fitting a rollover bar and strut

Dear Folks. I am complete 7 novice and need to fit an approved roll bar and strut to my 7 so as to take art in the club novices track day. I have ordered the bar and strut from Caterham parts, now I need some guidance as to where to take my 7 to get it fitted. I live in north Hertfordshire. Any suggestions to a local garage / mechanic would be much appreciated. Kind regards Jason


Jason - if you don't want to do it yourself then you could call Chris at the 7 Workshop nr Ware, Herts.

Yes, either Chris or perhaps call Luke at Team Leos in Newmarket, but both are busy I imagine.

I've used both with great results.

Love a HPC

1992 HPC vx2.0 c20xe goodness....

Hi you could try RatRace in Potters Bar. Email Rob from the website if he doesn’t answer the phone. 

Hi Jason

I guess you're on the way to having this sorted by now.  But please note that the Petty Strut is not a Club requirement and if you do choose to fit it, you will also need 4-point or 5/6-point harnesses as well (which we recommend for track work, though they are not mandatory in isolation).

However, please DO NOT fit the strut for the Rockingham Novices Day as that will preclude you from carrying a passenger.  Good as they are, the instructors will have a hard time trying to tutor you by signallng and shouting to you from the pit wall...


James, Tony, Andrew and Aristocat. Thanks for all your suggestions (especially one ref passengers Durrrrr, that would have been embarrassing!).

Cheers Jason