Garage floor done (almost)

Duramat floor almost complete.... Measure twice cut once... few extra tiles on order DOH! hadn't taken into account the tiles being 'handed' so more waste around the edges than expected...

Went for the hi-viz option so I can find all the stuff I drop on the floor... 'Project managers' not quite so sure of my choice... but should match the yellow stripe on the bonnet nicely!

Good news on the delivery front too! Caterham have hinted that a December delivery date is now looking 'possible' & my chassis is in 'construction'!


Looks good

I think your choice of yellow is a good one. I have just done mine in black because I read somewhere that black from tyres leaches out into the floor.

However black shows up every mark, and in a smaller space makes the garage dark and with hindsight, I should have chosen a lighter colour


Well its certainly bright! unfortunately still waiting for the pile of boxes to arrive :-(

I've also run out of random tools told to buy on Amazon too... waiting is a bit painful!

I painted my floor with Epoxy in White, shows some marks but is so much brighter in there, much easier to see when something gets dropped etc