Hajimemashite (Nice to meet you)

Hi. My Name is Masatoshi Sampei. 

I am a Japanese member of Lotus Seven Club.

I have a 1.4 liter K engine Seven(’95). I bought it in 2000.

I have traveled to Hokkaido (island in the north of Japan) from July to August. I'll show you a photo of the tooling to you.

<Ferry to hokkaido>

Ferry to Hokkaido

I went by ferry to Hokkaido from Niigata. It was a cruise of about 17 hours.


<In the ferry>


<In the ferry>


<Arrived in Hokkaido>

I arrived Otaru in Hokkaido early in the morning. I drove Hokkaido in a pleasant morning.


<Mt. Yotei and my Seven>


I went to Dam Lake and ate delicious curry.

<Houheikyo Dam>


<Delicious curry made by Indian people>


I went to the museum in Sapporo, a big city. I went to the museum in Sapporo,

<Elephants were in ancient Hokkaido>


<A clay made by a person 3200 years ago (a national treasure but it is a replica)>


I stayed at Asahikawa in the central part of Hokkaido.

<Delicious beer and grilled chicken dinner>


The next day I moved to Nukabira and saw a concrete bridge sinking in the dam lake. Concrete bridge shows in the summer because of drought.

<View from Mikuni Pass>


<Taushubetsu bridge>

It is said that this bridge will collapse soon.


<It is not a Roman aqueduct :D>


The foods in Hokkaido are very tasty. Marine products, vegetables, dairy products, meat...

<Butadon (Pork bowl)>


I also love to go to the art museum.

<Aihara Kyuichiro Museum of Art>

Aihara's painting expresses the landscape of Hokkaido very well. Unfortunately photography is prohibited in the inside.

The next day I moved to Kitami and had a meal with my friend.There was not much pictures left because it rained.

<Obihiro Parking>


<Kitami's Shopping Mall>


The next day I moved to Teshikaga and stayed for 3 nights. Teshikaga is a town with two famous lakes in Japan, "Mashu" and "Kussharo", and it is in a very convenient location to go around East Hokkaido.

<Kussyaro Genya Youth Guest House>


<Dinner at this hostel is also delicious>

In East Hokkaido I watched sand spit and moors. The weather has been cloudy all the time.


<Lake Mashu>


<Kaiyodai Observatory>


<The wild deer which is in the sand spit>


<Todowara (pine trees of dead)>


<Hokkaido is similar to England's countryside>


<Marinade of appetizer>




<Lonesome landscape>


<Influence of the high tide>


<Deer and waterfowl>


<Japanese red-crowned cranes>


<The way from the town to the city is also fun>


<Friend's restaurant>


<To the hostel!>


I left the hostel, crossed Hokkaido, headed to Yoichi. Yoichi is a famous city in the distillery of whiskey. Do you know Nikka Whiskey?

<Interesting tunnel>




<The pot still is under construction>


<Warehouse of barrels>


<Kaisendon(rice bowl topped with seafood)>


I went to Mukawa on the last day. The fossil of the big dinosaur appeared recently in Mukawa.

<This is a model of extinct marine reptiles.>


<This is the bone (but a replica) of the dinosaur>

I left Hokkaido by ferry on the evening of that day.


<Train waiting>


<Wait for ferry at East Tomakomai port>

It was a very fun touring. I drove about 3500 km (2200 miles).



looks  a good holiday you had there,nice car too,cracking number plate,7   007, couldn't get any better. keep up your posts. 


Thank you for the reply.

Although long touring can only be done during the summer vacation, I would like to post again in the case of short touring.



Masatoshi Sampei

Saitama Japan

Welcome to the club and thank you for the photos and description. The food looks fantastic, beautiful presentation.

your car looks even better than the food and like you I have an aeroscreen.  It is nice to think that people separated by thousands of miles and different cultures can enjoy the same things!

Please keep us all posted of any further journeys, it's fascinating

Thank you

D Jones

Thank you for your reply.

Actually, I have been participating in clubs for several years. I have been selected for a calendar competition too.

Thank you for praising my car. I quite agree with you.

It is a pleasure to be connected with Seven fellows around the world.

I will also post the next touring.


Masatoshi Sampei

Saitama Japan

It sounds like a great trip and Thank You for the terrific photos. It looks like you were very well organized with your packing for a long trip. 

I also have a good number plate on my 7 here in Australia. BMS7. ( my initials) 

we will all look forward to seeing and hearing about your next trip



Thank you for your reply.

I visited Cairns to watch a solar eclipse in 2012. It was impressive, and was very pleasant.

Your number is the splendid number.  It is not allowed a Japanese number plate to put the alphabet.

But, by ”hope number system", the favorite number is available. The some extra cost is necessary.

I will write the report of the next touring. I want to see the Australian scenery, too.



Masatoshi Sampei

Saitama Japan