Hello from a new owner

Hello everyone,

After over 30 years of patiently waiting, I finally bought myself a Caterham!

My first drive of one was in about 1988 near Newcastle.  I was a student at that time and met a bunch of chaps in a pub who were wearing Caterham sweatshirts.  I got talking as I already had an interest and they invited me to a 'track day' the following Tuesday evening.  It was at a disused aerodrome as I recall.  Anyway I turned up and someone there generously and kindly offered me a drive in his car.  He went with me at my insistence and I still remember his words: 'rev it man, rev it!'.

So here I am all these years later.  After hiring a couple of different ones from Caterham near Gatwick, and driving a few for sale elsewhere, I settled on K series power as my preference.  I finally bought mine from GP Sevens and got it at the end of November last year.  Although not the best timing (I have an aversion to road salt!) I have used it a handful of times over the winter and love it!  GP Sevens were good to deal with.  Of the various places I visited they seemed to me to have amongst the best quality of stock and as soon as I saw it advertised, knew it was the one for me!

It's an SLR and has had some mods over it's life.  I may do some autosolos in it, and maybe some sprints (I used to hillclimb a frogeye Sprite).  Otherwise I don't really have an aim as to how I will use it, but those times I have done so far, it's just been for the fun of driving, which suits me just fine!

I'm based in Guildford, Surrey these days and hope to meet some of you through the club.  I have to say, I tend to read motoring forums and rarely post on them, so go easy on me!  (I tried to post a photo but it was massive).



Hi Dave

Congratulations on your purchase. I'm also new to the club, and Caterham ownership, and live in Guildford. PM me if you want make contact. It would be great to meet up and do some blats out, once the salt has faded. 



Hi Dave & Dan,

I am also a fairly new owner and bought my Roadsport last April, having thought about it for a few years! I live in Woking.

If you haven't already, why not come along to the twice monthly Surrey Area meets in Effingham/Banstead? The group is planning various blats and day trips for 2020.

Alternatively, happy to meet up for a blat with you both once the salt has gone - and it stops raining!



Congratulations Dave and welcome to the fantastic world of Caterham ownership :-) 

I'm down the A3, the other side of Petersfield, but get along to your local meet, you'll be amazed at the number of Caterhams within a 10 mile radiius of you.



Hi Dave,

Welcome to the madhouse! Rofl

I'm also based in Guildford and have had my Caterham, an SV 150, just over a year, although I've competed in motorsport, at a local level. I've wanted one since first watching The Prisoner way back when.

If anybody wants to meet up for a blat and a pub lunch at the weekends (weather permitting), just give me a shout, I may just be able to make it.


Blatting in the lap of luxury Driving