IVA stuff done...

So that's it finished! Went around all the IVA stuff & did a few last minute jobs like screwing in the interior side panels & then washed it lol...

So last post for a while! to do:

Car picked up 27th March by Caterham for PBC & 310 upgrade

IVA booked for 20th April :-(

& then the registration process begins...(on the basis it passes the IVA)

Due to me needing to actually do some 'real work' I'm leaving the doors & hood for when it gets back. Also I didn't under seal the front wings so they can see that it is bonded properly. Not done the boot carpet so they can see the earth wire. very minor stuff.

The only things I need CC to do ( I hope!)

1) replace a rivnut on the pedal box cover which annoyingly became detached

2) Tracking which is miles out

3) front headlight retaining clips on one side that just don't want to play ball & head light alignment which I didn't even attempt.

4) Tune the engine so it doesn't sound like its a demented tractor which will all link in with the 310 upgarde anyway.