JPE. Purchase

Hi all i am looking forward collecting the JPE from Sevens and Classics soon and will share some pics and details.I noticed that the car has already generated some interest amongst some members


Lucky u.☺☺
Orange is my new black

Yes indeed, very jealous of your new purchase.  Was it the dark green one with the windscreen?

Look forward to some updates and what you plan to do with it.



Hi yes it was green but so isn't now!!!! I've had it painted in the same flourecent yellow as the World Record car only difference is the role bar is staying black.Went to see it yesterday and was very pleased with the colour and the guys there are painstakingly putting it back together....can't wait
Sorry didn't answer your question..i will use for the Sporting Bears charity events.also it is entered in the Brighton Speed Trials in September...and will be at the Beaulie Supercar Weekend ...i will not be difficult to spot Thanks for your interest David

That is fantastic to hear. Look forward to seeing some pics!

Sevens and classics dong the work?

What are your plans for the wheels?  Can’t recall, did it have MBs or SLRs on it. Shame dymag are no more but wonder if they could be recreated. 

Anyway, terrific that another JPE is being saved and in the UK. 

Hi not sure I'm doing this right so this maybe the third time you get this !! Sevens and Classics doing all the work and SLR wheels staying as they are for now at least Thanks for your comments and interest.i will post some pick when I've worked out how!! David

Magic, will be great to see the pictures once done. Thanks.