June Trip to Germany then Italy

Advice requested for driving a 1.6 Zetec Caterham 7 to Germany and Italy in June 2019.

In June, we are driving from Sidmouth , Devon, to Trier (Germany) for 2 days and then Lake Maggiore (3 days), with stops on the way there and back.   Last time, we only went to Trier, but this journey is a lot longer.

We have backdated low flyings, (but only kept from 2016), and I know there were some articles on this before that date, which would be good if we could find.  In particular, though, have you any advice on
(1)  Spares to take , (have cable ties, tow rope, tape, spare clutch cable ... )  but any suggestions including light deflectors;  last time we used well placed tape. 
(2)  Any recommended hotels / routes .. and to avoid .. ??? 
(3)  Any rules / regulations etc. (besides triangle, high vis jackets, light bulbs, GB stickers, breathaliser kit, swiss vignette pass  ....... ???)

Thanks in advance
Alan ([email protected])