Latest problem fixed with ex race car

Grrrr, brrrr. arrhhh. Well pleased really. Whilst fitting a fog light i ended up discovering that the petrol tank was loose. So perhaps that has been the source of the banging noise at the back. warning to anyone thinking that an ex race car might be an easy way into road car use, this is just the latest. I know , i know don't buy a race car when you want a road car and vice versa. Now i agree. Now just got to find the wire to connect a reverse light


Another source of banging is the diff against the dedion tube. Under load (hard acceleration) the my diff knocked against the dedion, v frustrating and took a while to identify. Fixed by grinding off the alloy fins on the diff to give better clearance.

i also noticed that the rear brake pipe was being crushed where the diff had been impacting was dedion. Glad I spotted that. Brake line rerouted and no more knocking. Sorted!