Learning the ropes

I finally got my Caterham 2012 Road sport with super light spec in 2016. Now I just need to learn how to drive it, maintain it and customise to get the most out of it. 

I did my first track day at Thruxton in 2016 and I am hooked .. more tuition booked, more track days booked and a many aspirations to tune, tweek and arm myself with all the kit and skills I need. 

This blog is for anyone who is in a similar position to me to share learnings along their journey and for anyone more experienced who can offer any pointers on: 

- Good kit

- Good first engine tunes, upgrade I could do for a complete novice

- How to videos, tutorials, books etc

- Good UK Drives (preferably South East as I live just outside Basingstoke, Old Basing to be exact)

- Good track days, clubs, insurance companies etc. etc. 

Thanks in advance for your advice and happy days to all .. 

Olearyusmaximus ..