Looking for a cat for my super 7 K series

Hoping someone can help?
My Caterham failed its MOT this year - emissions too high. Many tweakings later and replacement of leads, plugs etc. etc. it's still failed. Turns out the catalytic converter had been removed & the lambda sensor switched off! How did I not know this?
Anyhow, I desperately need to refit the Cat; it's a R400 super 7 K series, with 4 into 1 exhaust.
Looking for a second-hand Cat, if anyone's got one hanging up in their garage please?
MOT fully expires end of this month and am missing this nice weather.
Wait to hear if you can help please? Thanks. Roy



Is it with the thinner R400 race primaries or the thicker also used on R500?

Both are like hens teeth to find (I was looking for a replacemet for 3-4 years until I found one
when a specialist garage butchered the one I had lent them for me :-(


tbirds search:

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