Made a few mods at the weekend

As I prepare for next year's Sprints I thought I'd make a few mods;

1. Solenoid relay addition to kill the K-click. Easy to do and immediately effective. Fingers crossed this, with a battery conditioner connection built in and in use, should see starting confidence vastly improve.

2. Carbon Aero screen fitted. A bit of a pig as it wasn't an entirely accurate fit (Westermann screen with full scuttle strap). Had to cut out for the wiper spigots, for example and widen a few holes. Some well place washers cover those.

3. Fitted a couple of black wing mirrors. Decided to mount these through the screen strap and the body work where they would be covered when the screen is put back on. Worked a treat. No centre mirror planned.

4. Finally fitted the half doors. I have the moulded ones to give me elbow room. These weren't easy either. I fitted some "pull the dot" fastners at the front and used the back one as fitted. I then added a couple of standard dot fastners at the bottom of each door.

First impressions are that I really like the different feel while driving. Just did a shake down so not a lot of mileage yet. I find the exhaust note is different too. Doesn't sound as loud, strangely. Anyway added a couple of picks for reference. Looking forward to a longer run when I get the time and the weather.  


Lovely looking Seven!