Making some progress now...

I managed to sneak in to the garage for a few hours this evening. I thought I'd finish the handbrake lever and get that back in, and start dropping the diff.

After filing down the lever, I managed to get it to a point where the collars slid on. So the rear one didn't slide too far, I filed a step in to the lever to stop it.

As you can see quite a bit of material had to come off to make it round enough! I then gave it a couple of coats of plasticote, just to stop any rust forming out of sight, and bolted the lever back on to the car (I REALLY need a 13mm ratchet spanner...). With everything back in, it looks rather smart, I think.

With some shiny stainless screws holding the steering wheel on, the cockpit looks spot on.

Yes, it just needs a good clean now!

I then started tacking the rear end with a view to getting the diff out to take to Phil at R&R. I decided to use the 'remove one driveshaft' method, as I have good access to one side, but on the other a wall is in the way. I whipped the boot floor out, and took off the wing (no problems there for once) and removed the trailing arm - the powdercoat on it is terrible, it's going to need a good rub down and a lick of paint. Next I unbolted the caliper and suspended it on some string while I took the whole ear, hub and driveshaft off the car.

Once on the bench, I extracted the ear from the driveshaft and loose fitted it back to the de dion tube and the caliper so it wasn't relying on a piece of twine.

Then it was time to crawl under the car and get the A frame off. Same story with the powder coat, I'll be doing quite a bit of painting I think! Prop bolts next, still wriggling around on the floor and feeling the blood slowly drain from my arms! I'm sure it was easier than this when I built the car! While I was down there, I also took out the bottom diff bolts and slid allen keys in there to hold it for now.

Back on my feet again, and time to tackle the long bolt... I positioned the jack under the diff for safety. After wrestling with it somewhat, I got the nut off one end. Then it was hammer time, and, using a drift, knocked the bolt out. Success!

I then called it a day, I'm too tired to be enthusiastic about getting coated in diff oil...