More or less finished

It moves under it's own power!  Minor coolant leak, handbrake cable needs P-clip moving (again) and the speedo doesn't register anything.  Apart from that it's just the boot cover and mirrors and I can PBC and IVA it.

The biggest challenge was getting it back off the mobile axle stands.  Once I'd got a jack that could reach up that high I found that I couldn't get the jack close enough because of the stands.  I had to gradually move it onto some lower stands then repeat with a smaller jack until I finally got it onto the floor.  Must have taken an hour at least.

Unfortunately I'm missing one four point harness.  When I checked the boxes I had assumed that they were both in the one box.  Nope.  Derek is on holiday next week but so am I so no major hassle, I can fit the boot cover and have checked that the harness can be bolted in with the seats fitted albeit with a bit of contortion!  Only issue is that Caterham appear to be out of stock at the moment.  If they don't get any soon I might opt for blue or red ones as they appear to be in stock.

The speedo will probably just be the sensor too close to the axle.  I'd misread the manual and got it under 1mm clearance.  It does say that you might need to move it out past 1mm to get a reading.  Oh well, back onto some (smaller) axle stands.  The coolant leak is very small so might take a bit of finding but I've got plenty of time.

It's booked into BookaTrack for the 24th of April for PBC and 310 upgrade.  They will also do the IVA presentation and any remedial work as I'd have to do a 500 mile round trip to pick it to do the work myself and then another 500 mile round trip to drop it off again for the IVA.

Unless there are any major hiccups with the paperwork or IVA that are worth mentioning that's the end of my abbreviated build blog.

Hope to be driving it around mid May. 


Fantastic work,. well done. Mine has just had the thumbs up from Williams, so that is the PBC complete. Now to book the IVA - so if you get any hints from BaT then I'm listening!

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Good work! I'm still waiting for Caterham South to do the PBC, they've had it since 27th March... just want to know I haven't cocked up basically.... they will be doing the 310 up grade too & have confirmed this will be before the IVA on the 20th April so at least that will save some time... I have a very empty garage at the moment :-(