Munky's adventures 2018

My name is Munky and I'm a member of LADS. I was born in Germany and met the LADS in 2015 when they came to Germany on a tour. Since then I have been all over with LADS and I've learnt to speak English,

I'm going to put all my 2017 adventures here, but the year hasn't started well. It was the first LADS meeting last night and when we arrived the pub was closed as they had an electrical problem.We had to move to another pub and it was a nightmare to let everyone know about the problem. We sent a Whatsapp and left a note on the pub door to let others know where we had gone. Fortunately they all seemed to find us including Mark who visited for the first time travelling from the Lake District and Andrew who has just bought a K series car and is to be a new member.


I'm excited today because we stayed at a Premier Inn last night and Uncle Peter is driving us to the Autosport show. We're going with John Andy and Paul to see Steve McCulley getting his Jag race car. 



We saw Steve yesterday. It was really exciting. See HERE Whilst we were driving home we also heard Steve being interviewed on Radio 2 and he's been on the TV this morning.

Whilst we were at the NEC we also visited the guys from the C1 Racing Club to ask for their advice on building our C1. They were really helpful and patient answering our daft questions. We're looking forward to racing with them.