New Kitchens Are Rubbish

There comes a time in every man's life when he simply has to accept that he's not going to live forever and that he may as well do something about it. At such a time, things that were important become less so, things that seemed ridiculous become reasonable and things that were boring make way for things that are Interesting.

That's what happened to my new kitchen. It made way for something interesting. So while I make a fresh pot of coffee in what I can only describe as squalor let me tell you about my recent trip to Brands Hatch which is just south of IKEA and to the left of B&Q.

I’ve wanted a replacement "classic" ever since I started missing Natasha, the old Triumph I used to nurse along England's B roads, and what started with some idle Googling ended up with a relatively benign question.

"I think I might go and look at a car this weekend. Do you fancy coming with me?"


"It's a sports car"


"A Caterham"


She had no idea and I knew it.

So one Saturday morning we jumped into the Mazda and cruised down to Sevens & Classics via a significant portion of the worst motorway in the World. Arriving at what I can only describe as a very tidy industrial estate we randomly chose left at the entrance and stumbled upon ten or so gleaming Caterhams all parked up in neat rows.

"Wow", she said.

Wow indeed, but all was not well. After getting over the sheer shiny good looks consideration fell to the interiors, the foot wells, the "seating arrangements". She looked distracted, like something was playing on her mind.

"We’re not getting in one of those", she said.


"There’s no room"


"Did you know they were this tiny inside?"


I had no idea and she knew it.

It was very clear that I was not going to buy a Caterham, which is odd because I’m picking it up on Monday.

There were two saving graces that morning. The extra room afforded by a series 5 chassis and Tim, one of the Sevens & Classics crew who insisted that he take my girlfriend "for a ride".

She came back with an impossible smile on her face, messed up hair and trembling knees. Not the first time that sort of thing has happened to me.

"I love it!", she said.

"Are you ok?", I replied.

I’d already had a ride along and a test drive myself and other than completely failing to get the hang of first gear I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The brutality of it. The noise. The excitement.

Tim wandered off and returned with coffee and suggested that while he busied himself elsewhere my girlfriend and I should take ourselves off to the outdoor seating area for a private chat. I sparked up a rollup, she a readymade.

I have to say I was totally taken aback by how keen she was on the whole idea. I wasn't convinced about the colour, she thought it was lovely. I wasn't convinced about the price, she said new kitchens are rubbish. I wasn't convinced about the K series engine, she looked at me oddly.

"Buy it", she said.

"Ok", I replied.


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