North Wales (Gogs) July 3 meet: The Wild Pheasant, Llangollen

Dear all
Responding to a request from one of our more active members, the July meet - next Tuesday July 3 - will be at the Wild Pheasant, in Llangollen. It will bring back many happy memories - bad food, poor service - for many of us who will recall meeting there for Sunday blats in the summer months. New ownership has solved the problems and the place now thrives, making it an ideal venue for us, especially if this wonderful weather continues. The address is Berwyn Road, Llangollen LL20 8AD.
Sadly, I have decided to Sorn my car following my knee surgery, but I hope I can persuade my Business Manager (Mrs P) to buy me tea there somewhat earlier, say around 6.30-7pm. I'll stay as long as the pain relief allows! I do hope as many as possible will join us.