Pictures of Nigels 620R

So in response to Sean's comment I thought I would create a blog for pictures, to see if it is easy.

Here goes.

the problem with posting pictures in threads is two fold, it's hard to navigate the process to get the picture posted, and a lot of the time larger files over 2mb won't be uploaded at all due to the size resotrictions.

So let's say I want to post all my pictures taken recently of my 620R.


So that's what we got, at least we can post a larger file, I think this one was 2.8mb.

but the problem is you have to upload one file at a time, and if you have lots of other files already there, it's quite easy to " loose " the file you just uploaded in the list.

So it's still to time consuming to do it this way, I think the blatchat team need to look at improving this asap. 

So that was slightly easier, using the media tab did make it a bit easier, the output result seems a bit odd though?