Portofino 2017 - September 23rd and 24th

Hi all, I come with a almost-top secret news about Portofino Meeting 2017.

So the first news is: yes there will be a Portofino 2017, and it will be on September 23rd and 24th.

As I know that our English guests need to plan their trip to Italy in advance, we opened the pre-registrations to Portofino Meeting 2017.

What does this "pre-registration" means?
It means that we're still waiting for confirmations from the hotels and local authorities. But we want to open the registrations in advance in an effort to allow guests coming from abroad to make their plans.
Who registers now will also have a discounted price, in fact it will be the same price as last year, and can just make a 30% downpayment.
Who will register later will find a slightly higher price.

You'll find more info and registration form here:

All the usual extra-meeting services/activities are available: extra nights before and after the meeting in the meeting hotel, friday night accomodation, car transportation from (and back to) UK. 

If you have any questions please write me here on Facebook or at my email address rob[email protected]


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Thanks to Richard for the good article!



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It seems that Google changed their captcha servers address so we had to update that. Now it's working. Thank you for informing me of this!

I must inform you that the pre-registration period is ending... in a couple of days we will open the official registrations... with the official prices, slightly higher.


The official registrations are now open!

We're a little bit late on the schedule, but it was definitely worth, I am sure everybody will appreciate :)

This year I expected the meeting to be much more expensive than last year, because there will be the Genova Boat Show in the same days, but in the end I managed to find a lovely hotel that allows us keep the price very very close to last year.

All the rooms are sold now.

You can still register to the meeting though. 

We removed the hotel cost from the meeting registration cost. So you can register to the meeting, but you have to look for your accomodation.

We're all staying in the Hotel Due Mari in Sestri Levante. So you can ask them if they have some spare rooms, or look for something nearby in booking.com

Please check http://www.lotus7club.it/en/portofino​