R888R v NS2R

Currently running 14" wheels and have narrowed down tyre options to either R888r's or NS2R's at 185/60/14.

Whats the general consensus of opinion?





On my second set of Ns2r nankang and driven in hot dry, freezing cold and monsoon downpours, as with any track day tyre take it easy in very wet and cold. Probably got 4500 miles from a set on the rear. Very happy and such good value...

Orange is my new black

Ballistic orange 310s
You would get a better response in the blatchat technical forum

Orange is my new black

Ballistic orange 310s

I'll give it a go, thanks for the initial rely anyway !

I'm on my first set of R888Rs from ZZSs and have been very, very impressed.  1st day with them was at a very wet Croft which dried throughout the day and loved them.  Then you look at the price and compared to ZZS it's a no brainer for me.  Maybe if my driving improves and I do some scientific measuring ( which you can't officially do on a trackday! ) I might change my mind.

 Just wondered which wheels you're running?

im looking for 14's but can't find any that have the correct (for me) 4x100 PCD