Roadsport 175 SV Build

My build blog can be found here.  All comments welcome.  I hope it is useful for someone just as other blogs were useful when I was building mine.



Not sure where the body text is when starting a blog post but this seems ok -

you have mentioned changing the gearbox oil but not posted any after thoughts ?


i would be interested as I have a bit of overrun noise on one gear



Hi Alan, I did edit the text of the gear box oil change rather than add a new post, perhaps I should ahve done that instead to make the results more obvious.  

Anyway, the change in oil made no difference at all to overun noise in 4th gear.  Equally however I can't feel any difference in changing gear.  I was worried that the gear changes would be stiffer but it is fine.  All in all (IMHO), both oils function the same in the type 9 gearbox.

thanks Andrew