SPA mirrors

New mirrors arrived & been fitted... when it stops raining I may get to test them out :-(  went for the convex glass & from my driving seat in the garage it actually looks like they may be of some use... only time will tell...

Sustained my first Caterham injury (to me), sunny day plus shorts plus new doors flapping about = burnt leg on the exhaust.... I need to review my car exit technique on the rare warm days! bloody hurt Loser


have you managed to test the mirrors yet, id be interested to hear how you got on with them. Also the brackets look great, where did you get them from?



Got the mounts from 'Eccles' on this site, they are fantastic & fitted perfectly. The mirrors are a transformation as well! I can now see whats beside me which is a massive improvement on the standard ones. I went for convex glass which gives a much wider view as well. A bit of a palver to get them set up on your own without an assistant as you can imagine but got them sorted in the end.

went for the formula mirrors, a bit pricey but they seem well made & do the job!