Stack Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge


Fluctuating oil pressures down to almost 0 bar on original caterham electrical gauge. No related to cornering or throttle just randomly while driving normaly. 

This started after 2 very wet days driving while in Europe in July. Mechanically the car and engine were behaving with nothing unusual so continued my 2 week holiday in Europe. 

Only now have i got round to sorting something out. Instead of replacing the sensor to find out i have an issue with the gauge or run a wire direct from the sensor to the gauge to prove/eliminate a wiring or connction issue i went fro the £40 option of a mechanical Stack gauge to get true readings of oil pressure. 

4.2bar on initial start up on cold idle. 

around 3.2bar once warm with low to mid rpm while driving the car. 

Just now need to make some protection for the plastic hose from debris running across the front of the engine.