Summarising the 60th and the 1st

Hi to all of you that came to Donington for the weekend, and to those that didn't make it.  I reckoned there were about 40 Lotus there, most of them s2, but a lot of them s4 too.

The weekend started with the display outside the F1 museum.  I had this bright idea that one of ach model would show the development in the most obvious way, but especially when Rainer's s3 couldn't make it, our show was looking a bit bare. There aren't many of us anyway so I was glad when a few others came in to join.  In future I think we'll just get all to join in if we do something similar.  

Many thanks to John Watson, club historian, who pulled out some new photos and quips since his last History of the Seven at the 50th anniversary..  Judging by the number of people sitting in, there is still a lot of interest.  We might even need some more cars soon!  Oops, no doubt those who know will say that there are quite enough dodgy ones out there already ....   Before John's talk we had a 1st session talking about the new Heritage section, and I'll write up something on that shortly.

The line up of Lotus at the venue, was a great success, in fact we had 3 line ups, I think!  We've got our own flag now so it will look mighty impressive if we can end up in the same place.  The next place we're going to try and get us together is the Silverstone Classic.  I see that us, HLR and Club Lotus are in the same club parking area so maybe we can get them together.

And of course we have the lap of the circuit, which I think is at lunchtime.

I hope we'll keep in touch.  cheers/Rod