Thinking ahead

Well, sometime soon, once my finances are in better order, GJT will get back on the road.

Firstly an engine refresh: by way of preventative maintenance. As part of this, forged pistons for lightness and robustness. Maybe MegaJolt too, for reasons explored by others [url][/url].

Secondly the Ital rear axle has a hub or half-shaft which needs replacing, fortunately I have a complete unit for spare parts.

Aside from that poor old GJT needs so TLC. New wings all round. Quite a lot of wire brush and POR/Hammerite work.

Then I was wondering about Brooklands or a half-hood. Now that might appear to be an odd couple in an either/or choice. But if I keep the screen, some weather protection (sun or rain) could be a step forward, although I have managed since 1998 without using the hood (which never fitted properly). But for damp days, I can use the 21, and GJT can be used in fairer weather, in which case Brooklands might well be preferable.