Does anyone know of a company or individual who can take my car on a trailer or small transporter from Portsmouth to PGM in Sussex?

Any suggestions are welcome!!


Try Shiply on the internet. They are configured similar to eBay. You open an account and post what you want to move from A to B. In this case the options are a car and to be trailered. Firms then start bidding for the job, competing against each other for the work.

You can see feedback on previous moves, what they have moved in a defined time period, what the job was, how much was moved and feedback from the customer.

I had to move SAAB 9-5 Aero estate from Brussels to Yelverton in Devon to the supplying specialist to fix zero compression on No.1 cylinder as I couldn't find any one that wanted the job in Belgium (it turned out to be a burnt exhaust valve as the specialist predicted).

Five companies bid for the work. The initial bid of £799 fell to just under £400, however the bidder had only moved a Weber BBQ in the last 90 days! The second lowest bidder (£429) had great feedback for multiple moves including e-types from Vienna to Norfolk and Berlin to Suffolk. Also a SAAB 99 from Brusels to Dorset. Reassured by the feedback and prices I paid the 20% down payment.

Then followed a email exchange to fine tune pickup and drop off. The mover was a Bulgarian team of six drivers/movers with four types of vehicles/trailers.

The driver (and his family) turned up at my home, at the appointed time, to collect the car keys from my wife and then went to my local garage to pick up the vehicle from the parking outside. 24hours later it was delivered to the specialist in Devon (the sprinter van and single car trailer followed the freight procedures at the ferry hence the longer time). I was kept informed at each step of the move.

The balance was paid (in cash vice PayPal for their preference) by the specialist on my behalf. Feedback then left online.

The Specialist fixed the problem in less than a day (they have exchange cylinder heads ready and just charge the cost to get yours fixed and it then becomes the next spare).

Result a fixed car that I picked up a few days later. The shipping costs and specialist repair and fuel costs contribution to a mate who was driving from Brussels to Falmouth were probably less than the cost of a Belgian repair, many who wanted to replace the engine.

There are other similar set ups such as 'Any van' but Shiply worked best for me.

Good luck




1988 1700 Supersprint