Upgraditis commences

14.1.15 - Started work on a VVC head.

Started by peening the fire ring.

16.1.15 - Moved on to opening up the ports starting with exhaust.

This is slow work. Need to be careful not to break into waterways. Air powered die grinder is very hungry and my little compressor can't keep up. Batteries on drill don't last too long either. Now run out of spiral bands so ordered some more. Good excuse for a break.

19.1.15 - Inlet ports

Already removed the valve guides. Cylinder head just fitted in the oven and managed to get it done before the wife came home. Ports roughly opened. Need to do more work.

20.1.15 - Collected my new close ratio gearbox from SPC. 

Ratios are - 1st - 2.48; 2nd 1.61; 3rd - 1.23; 4th - 1.00; 5th - 0.82. Should make a great box for some spirited driving and good touring. Will be maintaining my 3.92 diff.

New spira bands arrived, but no work for next couple of days as will be helping Peter to reinstall his engine, new gearbox and diff and having a weekend away to catch up with some old friends.

9.3.15 - Lots happened but no time to update until now. Work also delayed a couple of weeks because of Man Flu!!

SUMMARY - Peters engine reinstalled (twice). Head finished and fitted with some colsibro valve gudes (guides kindly made by Jonathan H.). My diff removed and refitted with new oil seal. Big box of goodies arrived from Dave Andrews. New air filter purchased. Engine bits sent away for clean, inspection and refurb. (head skimmed etc.) Crank, clutch, flywheel, pistons, rods etc. all dynamically balanced. Bottom end built with new bearings and liners. Head fitted. New water pump fitted. Clutch and new gearbox fitted. No cam seals or cam lube so work delayed. Further delay because of holiday.